small friends' chronicles

Backyard Roosters of Saint Paul

There is no history of Animal Husbandry in my extended family, and I have no access to chicken coops and no backyard.  Why, then, am I painting The Backyard Roosters of Saint Paul?Why not?  Most of the original paintings are on 8x8 watercolor paper. All have been scanned and then manipulated…(continue reading)

Pandas in the Hidden Bamboo Forest of Saint Paul

 Pandas from the Hidden Bamboo Forest of Saint PaulRotator cuff surgery kept me from painting with my right hand for two months. Now that I'm back, I am delighted to introduce the Pandas from the Hidden Bamboo Forest of Saint Paul. They have agreed to sit for portraits as long as I don't reveal...(continue reading)

Creatures of Whimsy at SE Hennepin Library

   Creatures of Whimsy   1/16 - 1/29/2014   Opening reception: 1/25/14, 1:30-4:30   Southeast Library   1222 4th St SE, Minneapolis    Small Friends for Kids   A reading and drawing workshop   Everyone...(continue reading)

Two Gray Elephants from Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul

The Two Gray Cave Elephants are part of the Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul. They are painted on an 8x8 piece of primed aluminum board (framed, $60 plus $5/shipping).  After tinting and applying gesso, I waited for the gesso to dry and painted the elephants. They were dull until I applied...(continue reading)

Susan Gainen & Small Friends at Saint Paul Art Crawl

The Saint Paul Art Crawl runs from October 4 to October 6, and a very large group of Small Friends will be with me at the Lowertown Lofts Apartments facing Mears Park. Drop by and make new friends:Pinkie Pink Beaded Pig  (8x8 framed)Gray Beaded Elephant   (5x7 matted)Purple Paper...(continue reading)

Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul: Two Cave Rhinos go to a show

"Two Cave Rhinos" from The Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul have been accepted into the WARM (Women's Art Resources of Minnesota) Women Celebrating Women Juried Show. The show will hang at The College of St. Benedict in St. Joseph, MN from October 22 to November 22, 2013. The opening reception...(continue reading)

Lost Cave Paintings of St. Paul: new art & artist talk

Some of The Lost Cave Paintings of Saint Paul are in an "Off the Wall" showcase at the Hopkins (MN) Center For the Arts, and there are new paintings among them. Artist Talk at Hopkins (MN) Center for the ArtsJoin me (and the paintings) for an Artist Talk at 1:30 p.m. on July 27 on the second floor...(continue reading)

New Small Friend: Green Glass Bubble Fish

The Green Glass Bubble Cave Fish is a combination of traditional cave painting techniques (tinted gesso with a painted creature image) and Golden Glass Bead Gel and Golden Clear Tar Gel I had painted the fish before attending the WARM Mentor-Protege event which featured Bonnie Cutts' Golden...(continue reading)

New Small Friend: Hummingbird in Hyperspace

 The Small Friends' Research Institute announces its latest discovery: Small Friends in Hyperspace. The first of these creatures, Purple Hyperspace Hummingbird #1, was identified through a decades-long collaboration with the Avian Interstellar Alliance and the Deep Space Pixelation LLC.   Unanswered...(continue reading)

Wild Hummingbirds at St. Agnes Bakery July 6, 2013

The Saint Agnes Baking Company opens its doors to retail customers on the first Saturday of each month, and its staff invites an artist to sell. You will find me there on July 6 with the first outing of The Wild Hummingbirds of Saint Paul. Open bakery hours: 10 am to noon. The Bakery, at 644 Olive...(continue reading)